It all started when…

Photography. An art form using scientific instruments that measure waves of light with in a small spectrum of the light-wave spectrum. The camera is an instrument with a greater range of detection than the human eye, yet incapable (for now) of creating wonderful photographs.

The Photographer. Often obsessive in the world which surrounds us. Interest that expand beyond the basics of: framing and pressing a button. We are scientist, philosopher, cooks, fathers, mothers and everything in between. Stunning images are a byproduct of our passion to learn and admire about the world around us and capture moments in time.

That Special Moment. Fractions of a second are what our minds securly lock into memory, too many of these moments are lost behind the cell phone instead of being in that special, once in a lifetime moment. At Digital City Photo my aim is to free of you the distractions of modern technology, so you can take part in these memories and not be stuck behind the lens.

The Name. Over 300 million photos are posted online, every day! People live, work and play online making the internet a Digital City.

Investment Options:

Portraits and Headshots:

15 Minutes 8-10 Images 75$

30 Minutes 15-20 Images 150$

Hourly 200$ for the 1st hour and 100$ per hour after. Weddings not included.

(Print options available for all packages. Pricing depends on quantity and sizes.)

Special Request for Prints (Farm Steads ect.)

150$ for the 1st hour 100$ per hour after. Cost of prints depends on size and framing choice.

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